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Which hair removal method is the most lasting?

It is reported that one of the difficulties in solving the hair problem is its repeatability. Therefore, it is very important to find a permanent hair removal method, which is also the most concerned by beauty lovers with hair removal needs.

At present, there are not a few women troubled by hair problems. They are constantly looking for hair removal methods, but many methods can not remove hair permanently. What method has the most lasting effect? Now let’s take a look at the introduction of several hair removal methods.

According to experts, hair is in a growth cycle, that is, long-term growth, degenerative period and resting period. These three stages start again and again. There are many ways to deal with hirsutism, including shaving, laser and other methods.

Shaving method

In order to remove too much hair and achieve beauty effect, many girls often use shaving methods, such as electric shaver. This method has the advantages of clear effect, simplicity and rapidity. According to the characteristics of hair, corresponding electric shavers are designed and produced. Some are for those who grow on flat skin, thick hair and hard texture, such as beard and hair. Some are soft fine hairs on the surface of the body’s uneven skin, such as armpit hair and thigh hair. When shaving these hairs, it is easy to cause skin damage. Each shaving is limited to the hair opening. After a few weeks, it can grow out of the skin surface again and again. Over time, the softer fur will become thick and hard.

Laser hair removal

It is a new type of aqueous hair loss developed in recent years. It uses the principle that melanocytes in hair structures such as hair follicles and hair balls can be selectively absorbed by laser energy, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal. This method needs to be operated by professional dermatologists in regular plastic surgery hospitals.

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