How long after polishing near infrared milk can you do photon tender skin?

  Near infrared (NIR) light is the latest basic skin care device to catch on. As an upgraded version of photon rejuvenation, it adopts Israeli technology and selects 900nm-1800nm spectrum with a peak value of 1300nm. This wave can penetrate from the shallow layer to the middle layer of the dermis, stimulate the contraction of collagen fibers and elastic fibers and the regeneration of collagen, to achieve the effect of whitening and firming the skin. Deeply beauty salons and medical beauty lovers love. But there are still a few people who want to do near-infrared milk polishing after photon rejuvenation. How long should they be apart?

  In order to keep your skin in better shape, many people will want to go straight to photon rejuvenation after NIR cream, which is absolutely impossible. Now all the optronic items, including Basic Skin care’s NIR Creamer, are somewhat offensive to our skin. Although this aggression does not show on the surface of the skin, the skin is still injured due to the stimulation of heat, so it takes a period of time to recover, and other whitening and rejuvenation programs can only be carried out after recovery. How long does photon tender skin need after near infrared milk light?

  How long after polishing near infrared milk can you do photon tender skin?

  The interval between the two treatments should be at least one month, because the skin recovery cycle is generally 28 days, but each person’s constitution is different, the time needed will be a little different, so one month is a very safe time. According to the degree of skin recovery, the corresponding planning and treatment can be carried out, so that the whitening and tender skin effect is excellent. Haste leads to waste of water.

  Cautions after near infrared milk phototherapy

  1. Do a good job of hydration.

  NIR milk light is the deep transmission of photon energy under the skin, which will raise the overall temperature of the skin and quickly evaporate the water in the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the water in time after the use of NIR milk, otherwise the skin may sag temporarily due to lack of water and appear fine lines due to lack of fullness.

  2. Pay attention to sun protection

  Nir light waves not only improve skin condition and texture, they also stimulate our skin, making it more sensitive, fragile and vulnerable to UV damage. So, do sunscreen is very important!

  There are various brands of photon skin tenderizer in the market, how to choose the American industry operators need to solve the urgent problem. As a new upgrade to photon Rejuvenation, Ray’s NIR creamer is perfect for beauty salons and clients.

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