Do microneedles and recover after a few days.

  After the rf fractional machine is finished, it usually takes 7-14 days for the basic repair. Some people can repair it in a short time, if it takes 4 days. After the microneedle beauty is done, the different repair time is determined according to the different skin thickness of the beautifier, and it is also related to the specifications and models of the microneedle beauty I accept. The repair time is short, usually 4 days, and the repair time is long, 14 days, or even 20 days. Simple manual micro-needling cosmetic treatment has a large degree of skin lesions, so it generally takes longer to repair than electric micro-needling cosmetic treatment. Those who pursue beauty need to wait patiently.

  What does the repair time of microneedle beauty have to do with?

  The physical fitness of those who seek beauty

  Different beauty seekers have different physical constitutions and skin thickness levels. Some beauty seekers have a slower basal metabolism, so the repair time after microneedle beauty skin care will be longer. For some people who can repair the damage quickly, doing microneedle beauty skin care can repair it faster.

  Microneedle beauty specification model

  Microneedling radio frequency machine There are generally five different specifications and models of microneedle beauty used in beauty and skin care treatments. In general, the cosmetic repair speed of 0.3mm microneedles applied to the eye circumference is faster, and the 2.0mm microneedle cosmetics used for scar repair takes a long time for beauty seekers to repair. According to the basic metabolism of the skin, it usually takes 28 days.

  Use non-irritating skin care products to quickly repair

  After doing microneedle beauty, those seeking beauty should be careful not to apply skin care products that contain irritating ingredients such as salicylic acid, tretinoin, sodium salicylate, facial exfoliation, high concentration, vitamin C, ethanol, etc. Although skin care products containing this ingredient have a multi-functional effect on the skin, the natural barrier of the skin is destroyed after the microneedle beauty treatment. This ingredient directly enters the stratum corneum of the skin and can cause skin infections. Therefore, in order to restore microneedle beauty skin care as soon as possible, it is best for girls who pursue beauty not to use some irritating skin care products with unique functions without authorization.

  Prevent rubbing the skin and repair quickly.

  After fractional rf machine is done, some girls want to see if their skin has improved, so they will touch and rub the skin. However, it is best not to touch and rub the skin after the microneedle beauty treatment, because rubbing the skin will damage the outer skin, causing the skin to be dry, not smooth, and red. Therefore, it is best not to rub the skin when doing microneedle beauty.

  Prevent entry into high temperature places and repair quickly.

  Girls who are pursuing beauty need to pay attention to prevent high temperature places after applying microneedle beauty. They cannot take saunas or hot baths. Because some steam will “slide in” in hot places and enter the face that has been treated with microneedling, it is easy to cause infection and inflammation. Therefore, in order to quickly repair microneedle beauty and skin care, beauty seekers must prevent access to high-temperature places, saunas, and hot baths in public baths. Prevent swimming and fix it quickly.

  It is best not to swim after beauty seekers do microneedling, because whether swimming in the pool or swimming on the river bank, the swimming water is not pure, but the water is full of germs and dirt. But after microneedle beauty, the skin’s natural barrier function is temporarily destroyed, and the safety protection system is very sensitive. Swimming after micro-needle cosmetic skin care can cause the skin to be infected with microbial strains. So after the microneedle beauty treatment, there is no need to go swimming or repair.

  Prevent eating seafood, spicy foods and high-calorie foods.

  After radio frequency microneedling is done, people who pursue beauty also need to be careful not to eat seafood, spicy foods, and high-calorie foods. This is because this kind of seafood is very easy to cause some allergic symptoms such as skin swelling and itching, and the intake of irritating food is very easy to cause inflammation of the wound. Therefore, in order to recover as soon as possible after microneedle beauty, beauty seekers need to pay attention to preventing the intake of oily ingredients from seafood and spicy foods after microneedle beauty. Stimulant foods include: chili, sesame pepper, Chinese pepper, green onion ginger and so on. Seafood refers to some aquatic products with shells.

  Do not wash your face for 24 hours after surgery.

  Micro needle fractional rf There is no need to clean the face within 24 hours after plastic surgery, but it can be cleaned with sterile test saline. After 24 hours of microneedling beauty, the cleaning temperature should not be too high (not exceeding 37 degrees of human body temperature). As the skin on the back of microneedling is sensitive, the skin is easily irritated by boiling water, which may cause some discomfort. Let the skin recover as soon as possible after the completion of the new microneedle beauty skin care project. Those who pursue beauty should pay attention to the time of washing their face.

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