Must-have in summer, hair removal, hair removal, hair removal!

  No girl does not want to have slippery skin.

  naked arms and legs, hairy.

  Don’t talk about embarrassment, it’s uncomfortable to look at~

  The sisters are determined to be “hairless” girls.

  has collected many hair removal methods that are said to be quick and easy to use.

  I just used wax paper at home yesterday.

  As a result, the leg was torn red, and it hasn’t faded.

  When Xiao listens, he feels pain~ ~

  Is there no other way to remove hair?

  For effective hair removal, there are actually many medical and cosmetic hair removal methods, such as laser hair removal, freezing point hair removal, etc., which can help you get rid of the fluffy hair.

  So, what is the difference between laser hair removal and freezing point hair removal? Which is better? let’s see.

  The difference between laser hair removal and freezing point hair removal.

  One.Different principles.

  1. Laser hair removal.

  It can preferentially absorb a large amount of laser energy and convert it into heat energy, thereby increasing the temperature of the hair follicle, achieving the purpose of destroying the function of the hair follicle, so as to effectively remove the hair without damaging the surrounding skin.

  2. Freezing point hair removal.

  The characteristic of freezing point laser hair removal is that the laser wavelength can penetrate deep skin and subcutaneous fat tissue, selectively act on hair follicles at different positions and depths, and quickly and thoroughly remove hair at any position and depth of the body. Freezing point hair removal dual-pulse laser can avoid skin burns and relieve pain. It can also focus on heating the hair follicles for powerful hair removal.

  Two.Different therapeutic effects.

  1. Laser hair removal.

  The hair removal effect is good, but the single treatment effect is limited. Because the hair follicles grow in three periods, laser treatment is required according to the growth of the hair follicles. Usually 3-6 laser hair removal treatments are required to completely remove hair.

  2. Freezing point hair removal.

  The hair removal effect is very good, and it requires multiple treatments to show the hair removal effect. Freezing point hair removal will have different times for different parts. Generally, people with thick hair who want to have a complete freezing point hair removal effect need to do several freezing point hair removal.

  Freezing point hair removal or laser hair removal is better?

  Compared with traditional laser hair removal, freezing point hair removal is more painless and faster, so it is praised as “extremely fast hair removal” by medical skin beauty experts in the industry.

  Three advantages of freezing point hair removal.

  Really painless: no need for an instant high-energy perm, just a warm feeling, no pain. With the whole process of sapphire cooling, hair removal is as comfortable as warm stone massage.

  Reality: Using Freeton’s patented sliding technology in motion, away from the traditional dotting operation, the repetition frequency is as high as 10Hz, and the hair removal speed is increased by 5 times.

  True safety: The low energy density of 10J and the entire cooling system reduce the probability of side effects to almost zero.

  Frozen hair removal steps

  The first step: prepare the skin. The term “skin preparation”, in popular terms, is called shaving, which means using a disposable hair removal knife to shave all the hair on the body surface of the arms, so that the roots of the hair can be “rooted up” by the light wave during hair removal. Before skin preparation, please keep the depilation area clean to ensure the effect.

The second step: gel. Apply a cooling gel to the hair removal area to maximize the protection of the skin and minimize the discomfort during hair removal. Make the inside of the arm free of hair, or evenly apply an appropriate amount of gel, and receive light waves “close contact” during hair removal, thereby tightening the skin.

  The third step: freezing point hair removal. Repeatedly touch the hair removal area with even intensity, so that the light waves completely “enclose” the hair roots. When the light intensity increases, the skin feels stronger and stronger. With different light waves, the hair removal area and pain are different each time: the hair removal area at the freezing point is relatively large, and there is no pain.

  The fourth step: cleaning. Gently scrape off the gel and wash it off with clean water. After cleansing, quickly moisturize the skin and apply sunscreen.

  The cold knowledge of hair removal

  1. Not suitable for menstrual hair removal.

  During menstruation, women are sensitive to pain, have weak resistance, and their skin is in a very unstable state. Therefore, they should avoid hair removal as much as possible to avoid unnecessary damage to their skin and body.

  2. Hair removal should not be too frequent.

  Laser hair removal can achieve the desired effect after 6 to 8 weeks, so it is not advisable to remove hair too frequently.

  3. Be sure to pay attention to sun protection before and after hair removal.

  Sun exposure will make our skin more fragile. In order to protect our skin, we need to avoid strong sun exposure within a week before and after hair removal~

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