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How to cast off embarrassed maomao in daily life?

  There are many hairs in the human body, such as hair, nose hair, hand hair, foot hair, armpit hair, pubic hair and so on. Some disorganized hair is not only unsightly, but also socially rude, such as armpit hair.

  From a health standpoint, some hairs are prone to bacteria and odors. For this reason, many people want to take it off quickly!

  However, some people do not understand the hair follicle growth cycle and use the wrong method, not only easy to leave thick black hair on the skin.

  It can also be due to improper depilation, resulting in dark brown pigmentation in the depilated area, or even due to intense depilation, inflammation and damaged hair follicles.

  Therefore, we should tell you, only from the different depilation method to choose the right depilation method, we can easily solve the hair problem.

  Hair follicle growth cycle:

  Many people don’t know that the skin under each hair follicle has a different growth cycle! It can be divided into growing period, degenerate period and dormant period.

  Hair length, hair follicle growth cycle, etc. Ultimately it comes down to different parts of the hair, such as hair and beard, which take longer to grow.

  Growth period:

  The hair cells begin to divide and grow, and the roots begin to grow and thicken.

  Degradation period:

  Hair cells stop dividing, hair stops growing, and hair follicles shrink.

  Resting phase:

  Hair loss, hair follicles into a resting phase.

  Currently, there are a variety of hair removal tools available to make it easy for everyone to remove awkward and unsightly body hair. But in the eyes of professional doctors, there are many ways to remove hair, which may cause skin damage or even leave indelible scars.

  Hair removal method.

  Hair removal at home is a hair removal method that many people choose nowadays. Its advantages include saving money, effort and time, but it also has many disadvantages, such as pain, allergies, wounds and inflammation, which make people hesitant.

  Method 1: Take it out manually.

  While this is the most cost-effective way to remove hair, it comes at a huge cost.

  Believe that most people are not professional hair removal, so it is easy to use hand hair removal severe pain and time-consuming situation, and improper hair removal is easy to lead to bacterial infection, serious wound and even folliculitis.

  Method 2: Clip removal.

  Hair removal with clamps is also one of the most economical methods. But only suitable for small areas (such as eyebrows) removal. If you use clips to remove a lot of hair, it takes a long time.

  In addition, bacterial infections are likely caused by incorrect disinfection, and wounds may be caused by incorrect application of force.

  Method 3: scrape with depilatory knife.

  Many ads for depilatory knives claim that “sliding has no dead end”. Although they can shave their heads, there is no pain. But they need to be shaved for a long time, causing skin damage, such as folliculitis, pigmentation, thick hair, hair follicle roughness, etc..

  In addition, disinfection equipment should be used before each shaving. If the knife becomes dull, replace it in time to avoid bacterial infection.

  Method 4: tear off the paste. For instance common honey depilate paper is a kind of article with very high attachment sex, “painful” can be said to be the most diverse depilate method in serious tear of head hair!

  Not only does it tend to damage hair follicles, it can also cause skin damage and bleeding, creating open wounds.

  Method 5: dissolve hair removal cream.

  Using chemicals to dissolve hair can remove fine hair, but hair removal ability is weak, chemicals are easy to irritate the skin, such as armpit wrinkles, long-term use may have drug residue, may endanger skin health.

  Professional hair removal

  Professional medical depilation can also be regarded as “permanent depilation”, the course of treatment is designed with “hair follicle growth cycle”!

  Electroacupuncture hair removal, ordinary laser hair removal, freezing point hair removal and other traditional methods for treatment.

  However, if the doctor is not skilled and the treatment is not correct, it can not only cost a lot of money, but also cause pigmentation, burns and burn scars.

  Method 6: traditional electroacupuncture hair removal.

  Electroacupuncture is a traditional method of hair removal in cosmetology, in which an insulating needle is inserted into a pore and an electric current is passed through, damaging the hair roots.

  However, each treatment can only remove a small part of the hair, which can easily cause pain, and even if the treatment is not done properly, it can cause problems such as pigment scars, wound infection and inflammation.

  Method 7: general laser hair removal.

  The skin is treated with a laser of a specific wavelength. After absorbing laser energy, melanin produces extremely high temperature and destroys the growth structure of hair follicles. Hair is treated in stages according to the growth cycle of “growing period, degenerate period and resting period”.

  Although it can be widely used for hair removal, it also has a burning sensation and irritation to the skin.

  Method 8: freezing point depilation.

  Freezing point hair removal technique is “cold hair removal”. In contact with the skin, the probe is patented, unlike ordinary laser hair removal. This thin film probe can evenly heat, so that the skin timely cooling, reduce the heat accompanied by laser hair removal, more comfortable than ordinary laser hair removal.

  In addition, relaxed depilation has the wavelength of pulse light, also represented the function of brightening the skin, can improve other depilation methods caused by dark skin. Remember to go to normal professional hospital, avoid the effect not beautiful.

  There are many ways to remove hair, but there are also associated risks! It is recommended that professional, qualified and experienced medical institutions and doctors obtain satisfactory hair removal results through customized professional evaluation.

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