Laser hair removal and freezing point hair removal are effective

Laser hair removal and freezing point hair removal have good effects. Both methods have their own advantages as hair removal methods. Laser hair removal adopts reasonable adjustment of laser wavelength energy to destroy hair follicles. Freezing point hair removal adopts freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal instrument. The laser penetrates the skin surface to maintain a certain temperature of hair follicles, mildly inactivate hair follicles and surrounding stem cells, and achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. The effect of laser hair removal and freezing point hair removal is better.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermal dynamics. By reasonably adjusting the laser wavelength and energy pulse width, the laser can pass through the surface of the skin to reach the root hair follicle of the hair. The light energy is absorbed and transformed into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair loses the regeneration ability, and may damage the surrounding tissue and have a slight tingling feeling at the same time. Laser hair removal is a safe, fast and long-term hair removal technology. Laser hair removal is not perfect, because it is most suitable for people with light skin color and deep hair. The treatment scope is locked in “dark pigment”. If your skin color is deep, the laser will destroy the skin pigment and cause white spots or black spots, which often takes several months to recover gradually. Doctors with rich experience in laser operation should be selected before laser hair removal; Careful maintenance and strict sunscreen should be carried out after operation.

The best wavelength is used for treatment: the laser can be fully and selectively absorbed by melanin, and the laser can effectively penetrate the skin to reach the position of hair follicle. The effect of laser is effectively reflected in the melanin in the hair follicle to generate heat for hair removal. For the best hair removal effect, the laser pulse time required is related to the thickness of the hair. The thicker the hair, the longer the laser action time is required, which can obtain the ideal effect without damaging the skin. Laser hair removal treatment will not produce pigment precipitation on the skin surface after hair removal like the traditional hair removal method. This is because the skin absorbs less laser during laser hair removal treatment. The use of cooling system can effectively protect the skin from laser burning in the whole process.

Freezing point depilation

Freezing point depilation is the most advanced permanent laser depilation method at present. According to the principle of selective photothermal action, it revolutionizes the use of freezing point semiconductor laser depilation instrument. The laser penetrates the skin surface to keep the hair follicle at a certain temperature, mildly inactivates the hair follicle and surrounding stem cells, and achieves the purpose of permanent depilation. It can cool and painlessly remove excess hair in a large area, effectively protect the surrounding skin, and enable beauty lovers to depilate quickly.

The freezing point depilation adopts a new pulse mode and repetition frequency. Through technical advantages, the depilation speed can be increased to 3-5 times of the previous one, making the depilation in a large area easier. It is controlled by computer and easy to operate, which makes it very easy for operators and experimenters. Freezing point laser hair removal adopts 810nm semiconductor laser of laser hair removal gold standard. Through specially designed double pulse laser, it only irradiates the skin with low energy density, and heats the skin tissue and hair follicle through the first laser pulse of the epidermis. The second pulse selectively raises the hair follicle temperature to about 45 degrees. The sliding 10Hz laser ensures that the hair follicle maintains this temperature for a period of time, and the hair follicle and growth stem cells lose growth activity, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal.

The biggest difference in mechanism between freezing point depilation and traditional laser depilation is that traditional laser depilation requires instantaneous high-energy burning of hair follicles, while freezing point depilation gently makes hair follicles automatically lose activity, so it can achieve the purpose of long-term depilation without over stimulating the skin and avoiding pain or risk.