permanent hair remover

How is laser depilation going on

1、 Problems that laser hair removal can solve — indications

Axillary hair, hairy forearm, hairy lower leg, hairy upper lip, hairy between eyebrows (lianxinmei), hairy sideburns (sideburns down), hairy mandible. The areola is hairy, the front chest is hairy, the lower abdomen and perineum are hairy (bikini), and the back waist is hairy. The hairline moves forward, etc.

Pseudofolliculitis of beard.

2、 Adverse reactions and risks of laser hair removal

Intraoperative and postoperative pain, edema and erythema around hair follicles.

Epidermal injury, recurrence of herpes simplex, folliculitis, pigmentation, hypopigmentation and depigmentation. Scar.

Freckles disappear and tattoo or pigmented damage is reduced.

Postoperative reticular erythema, pruritus and urticaria.

Abnormal hair growth.

3、 Contraindications and precautions

  1. It is forbidden for those with active skin infection.
  2. Use with caution for those with serious cardiopulmonary, liver and kidney diseases and infectious diseases.
  3. It is forbidden for pregnant and lactating women, and should be used with caution for menstrual women.
  4. It is forbidden to take oral retinoids within 6 months.
  5. Scar constitution should be used with caution or forbidden.
  6. Those who have a history of repeated infection with Staphylococcus or herpes simplex virus should use it with caution. If necessary, please take oral relevant drugs to prevent infection.
  7. Patients with vitiligo or psoriasis should be used with caution or forbidden.
  8. Oral administration of phenytoin sodium, cyclosporin, immunosuppressant, hormone therapy and other drugs, suffering from delayed skin porphyria, thyroid disease, metastatic tumor, dystrophic disease or anorexia nervosa, polycystic ovary syndrome, hairiness may be affected by it, and the effect of laser treatment may be poor.

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