permanent hair remover

The principle and advantages of 808 freezing point laser hair removal apparatus are correctly popularized

  A lot of girls worry when they show their arms and thighs. They have a lot of body hair and they don’t look good in skirts. Use depilate cream to also cannot cast off namely, go beauty salon does laser depilate to also can feel to do not have the effect, the hair still can continue to grow. It’s not invalid. It could be that their beautician is inexperienced, or the equipment is faulty.

  At present, 808 laser hair removal instrument is the most common, the most prominent effect of one. The 808 laser hair removal device emits 808nm laser light on the skin surface. The laser passes through the skin until the hair shaft has the highest concentration of melanin.

  Laser hair removal requires complete hair removal according to the course of treatment. The growth cycle of hair is divided into growth period, decline period and dormancy period, hair follicle is in growth period hair removal effect is best.

  During the growth phase, hair growth was active, melanocyte division was vigorous, and melanin content reached its peak. Hair growth is static during regression, the number of capillaries is reduced, the dermal papilla is atrophic, and melanocytes stop producing melanin. During rest, the hair matrix separates from the nipple and the hair falls out.

  The principle of laser hair removal is to use the selective absorption of melanin to light, heating the hair follicle to more than 75, so that the hair follicle (nipple) lose activity, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal. The amount of melanin in the growing hair follicles peaks, so only the growing hair will have the desired therapeutic effect with each irradiation.

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