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How is laser depilation going on

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1、 Problems that laser hair removal can solve — indications Axillary hair, hairy forearm, hairy lower leg, hairy upper lip, hairy between eyebrows (lianxinmei), hairy sideburns (sideburns down), hairy mandible. The areola is hairy, the front chest is hairy, the…

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

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Why depilate? Hair overgrowth ——Excessive hair growth in normal and / or abnormal parts due to genetic or ethnic reasons, followed by drugs or endocrine disorders. Hirsutism ——Female patients have hair similar to male characteristics, followed by abnormal female hormone…

Knowledge about laser hair removal

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Is depilation safe? Will it cause body odor? Will it affect perspiration? Hair removal laser is very safe. The product has been certified by FDA, CE safety certification in Europe, SFDA and other authorities. Wang Changyuan, Department of Dermatology, Qingdao…